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Riddle, Mystery, Enigma?

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Vladimir Vladimirovich
7 October 1952
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This, of course, is not really Vladimir Vladimirovich - I'm just playing him for the worldaffairs community. THIS IS FOR ROLE-PLAYING PURPOSES ONLY. Any opinions that are expressed by this LJ are NOT the official opinions of the Russian government or of V. V. Putin.

My name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, but you can call me Tsar Vlad if you'd like. And if you don't like, perhaps you'd care to join me for dinner?

I dedicate my life to my country, Russia, and I currently occupy the humble position of President. In a few months, I will be stepping down and handing over "power" to my chosen successor. I am of course a committed democrat. Democracy means giving the people what they want, and who best to decide that but me? The trouble with free elections, as one of my predecessors used to say, is you never know who's going to win. With me, you always know: me.

Sometimes I think it's funny how everyone seems to focus on how I worked for the KGB and forgets to mention I am a trained lawyer. Then again, my enemies do love to offer me compliments such as "he's a nasty ruthless bastard who could kill anyone to get what he wants."

My hobbies include wrestling men down to the ground and pinning them on their backs (I have a black belt in judo), using my presidency to advance the interests of the KGB the FSB Russia, stripping off to the waist in front of photographers (again, for the sake of Russia), fixing elections, re-nationalizing Russia's assets away from my Russia's enemies, and of course taking care of my people the best way I know how: by ruthlessly eliminating any threat to my power.

If you have a problem with any of that, please write to Vladimir Putin, c/o The Lubyanka, Moscow, and don't forget to include your name and address.

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Social capital

  • less than 10