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All right. *sigh* I suppose this has to be done sooner or later. No, the rumours that I have divorced Lyuda and am planning to marry a "nubile 24 year old gymnast" are untrue. Perhaps I ought to be flattered, but at the moment I am rather hoping for an earthquake to occur so I can slip through the ground and hide under it. As I told the press, I would prefer people keep their "snotty noses and fantasies" out of my private life.

Obviously this was an attack attempting to humiliate me. You may be surprised, those of you who know my sensitive soul, to learn I have many enemies. Not quite as many enemies as I used to (*cough*) but virulent aggressive foes still remain.

Many are under a bizarre delusion that I do not intend to give up all my power. That poor Dmitri Medvedev will be my puppet. I deny this as well. Critics with nothing better to do point out how I "symbolically" refused to hang President Dmitri's portrait in my office. I found the very suggestion ridiculous. Why would I need to hang Dmitri's portrait when I will see him every day when he comes to bring me my cup of tea?

Anyway...I had a nice dinner with alex_lebedev, and he had already agreed to close down his slanderous paper before the starter came. So that's that, then. And now I intend to enjoy the rest of my holiday in Italy with Silvio and his fake volcano, with not a gymnast in sight. If the snotty journalists will allow this.

However, it was a Russian journalist who asked Mr Putin the question at his press conference in Sardinia. Mr Berlusconi, who earlier this week joked that Italy would be better off without newspapers, apparently raised his fingers and pretended to shoot the offending journalist, which his spokesman later referred to as a "playful gesture".

Mr Berlusconi's meeting with Mr Putin at his villa was the first meeting with a world leader since his re-election. Mr Putin said he had asked for the meeting before he knew the election results: "I haven't seen him for a long time. I missed him."

Should I expect rumours now that I have divorced Lyuda to marry Silvio?
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