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  I never like this time of year.  I’m not complaining about the ice, the frost, the cold, for I have always felt quite at home in this climate.  Although you may be surprised to know that I do have a very sunny personality.  I just like to keep it hidden behind layers and layers of dark totalitarian rain clouds to surprise people.

Anyway, this is the time of year that certain reports and wads of useless paper come out.  It is the time of year that “non-governmental (HAH!) organizations” like Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, Democracy blah blah blah blah reports, etc, are published, giving information on “progress” or decline in human rights standards in all states.

I dread this time of year like an oligarch dreads the deadline for tax form submissions. 

But 2008 is rather different.  Not that they are finally seeing the light and praising Russia, because I’m pretty sure they’re not.  I didn’t actually bother to read the reports, but I glanced at the title of “Despots Masquerading as Democrats”  (http://www.theotherrussia.org/2008/02/04/human-rights-watch-blasts-putins-russia/), and there was something also about me being called “brutal” (sunny personality, people!  It’s there deep down.)

So apparently Russia has lost some points on the “freedom” index from last year.  And here is the interesting bit:  how do they know?!   Consider these two points:

1.  It takes months of long research in the target country to evaluate its freedom and human rights level.  They have to laboriously research and travel in Russia and interview my people. 

  1.  After 2007’s bad rating, I banned these bastards from analyzing the freedom of my people.  I chucked out all these “NGOs” and stopped them from talking to my beloved Russian people, who have enough worries on their sweet heads than talk of human rights.

So how can they determine that Russia is less free?! 

Shoddy work, is what this is.  I shall be writing a letter to them all to complain.  I mean, we all know they’re CIA fronts, but you’d think they would try to make their cover believable! 
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